8-8:30 Coffee  
8:30 Welcome Prof. James Olds, PhD
8:45 Introduction Prof. James Giordano, PhD
9:00-9:30 Towards the Neuro-Future: Challenges and Opportunities James Canton, PhD
9:30-10 Can (and Should) We Regulate Neurosecurity?: Lessons from the History of Science, the Military, and Regulation Prof. James Tabery, PhD
10-10:30 Morning Break  
10:30-11 Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense Prof. Jonathan Moreno, PhD
11-11:30 Hazards of Translation and Transformation: A Critique of Neuroscience in National Security from Science Studies, Ethics and Human Rights Prof. Jonathan H. Marks, MA, BCL (Oxon.)
11:30-12 Neuroethics and National Security: The Promise and Peril of Neuroscience Technology, With a Hopeful Coda LtCol William Casebeer, PhD
12-1:30 Lunch  
1:30-2 The Human Dimension and U.S. National Security: Our Current Challenge, But Greatest Opportunity Chris Forsythe, PhD
2-2:30 The Neuroethical Classification of Modifications to Body and Self Prof. John Shook, PhD
2:30-3 Neuroscience and Technology in National Security: Toward a Stance of Preparedness and Neuroethics of Prudent Action Prof. James Giordano, PhD
3-3:30 Break  
3:30-4:45 Panel Discussion and Open Q/A All Speakers
5-6:30 Reception  

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